Parental Involvement 
St. Andrew Preschool believes that every parent should be actively involved in their child's education.  Together, through direction from teachers and staff and participation from parents, St. Andrew Preschool strives for each of their alumni to possess a love for learning that will persist throughout their academic career.
 Our Mission and Philosophy
The mission of this non-religious, play-based preschool is to provide recreational, physical, creative and educational activities for preschool children in a relaxed and secure atmosphere.  At St. Andrew Preschool, the student teacher ratio is 5:1! We also promote parental education regarding the intellectual and social growth and development of their children.  The philosophy of St. Andrew Preschool is that education though play acts as a foundation of a preschooler's education.  Play is important business.  Your child will learn many of the most important things that they will ever learn during their preschool career.  Your child will learn about getting along with other children and adults, protecting their rights, being sympathetic to other people's feelings, and exerting inner control.  Your child will experience these important life lessons through play and will learn them best with thoughtful and loving leadership. 
We have many happy memories of the time my children and I spent together at St. Andrew Preschool.                                                 - Sandy Shaw, parent   
Parent Commitments
The parents make the school the special place that it is.  Their involvement not only enriches their child's education and their bond together, but by having parents "run" the school, it also keeps the tuition very affordable.  Here is a list of the parent requirements:​  
1.  Work in the classroom 2 - 3 times a month, and attend 5 evening parent meetings
2.  Participate in two of three weekend clean-up days.
3.  Work one shift per event such as the Harvest Festival or Rummage Sale.
4.  Be responsible for one parent project
Non co-op options available. Please call for information.